French Valley Couple's Calling

A military couple by profession, the Olivers started the
ministry from their home (twelve years ago) with little funding, but depended on the kindness of their neighbors and friends to assist.

This one act of kindness eventually evolved into the formation of the      U. R. Important Foundation.


With the Foundation’s Mission (to feed, clothe and encourage others) always at the forefront of her mind, Director Oliver has worked tirelessly every week making sure she’s able to provide for families in her community as well as surrounding communities. Despite her health problems (#pulmonaryembolisms) and the threat of #COVID-19, it did not stop Director Oliver from pursuing the mission.


During #COVID-19, she changed the process in how her clients could receive food by creating the “Grab-N-Go” drive-thru food pick-up. This has allowed URIF to continue serving the communities despite the pandemic.


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